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How to leverage technological advancements in ATM units on your property

If there is one thing that has stayed consistent in recent years it is the rate of technological advancement. The way we bank, organize our calendars, interact with loved ones and even hail a cab has forever changed thanks to technology and “the internet of things.” For example, one of the technological milestones of the 1960s was the deployment of the first ATM units. These first units were clunky, constantly jammed and a far cry from the convenient high-tech units we all know today. When deciding on ancillary income opportunities for an asset many property managers may opt for an ATM unit. These property managers will not just benefit from the traditional ATM services, but also the services provided by modern state of the art units. There is also tremendous financial reward that comes from on-site ATMs.

Security & Reliability

In the introductory portion of this column we discussed some of the issues that plagued older ATM units. Banking is a sensitive matter and when you walk up to an ATM machine you want to know that what you’re about to engage in is safe and secure. Unfortunately, we’ve all had those moments where we needed cash and the closest ATM was “out of order.” These issues are easily resolved by working with the right partner, network and utilizing a machine that has been developed to the full extent of modern technology. Technologically advanced machines will have media, software and cameras in place to avoid cash trapping, transaction reversal fraud, cash skimming and potential theft/harm. In addition, modern machines will feature internal software features that allow the machine to have the best possible uptime and self-heal within minutes as opposed to hours. All of these features make for modern machines that are safer, smarter and provide the best experience for patrons.

The Future of the ATM

Much like all aspects of technology ATM machines are constantly seeing new updates and features. This could be as simple as checking your current balance on your account while out on a shopping trip. Some advanced ATM units are also granting patrons the option to transfer money and pay routine bills. One of the most unique ATM advancements is the ability to deposit cash and purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. According to FDIC, there are 7.1 Million unbanked Americans. These individuals have a demand to purchase cryptocurrency and these new ATMS are an avenue for unbanked individuals to purchase these digital assets. Your real estate asset could be the hub for these ATM advancements in your community.

Financial Opportunity and Tenant Advantage

In a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco it was found that Average value of cash held in consumers’ pocket, purse, or wallet increased to $74, up $20 from 2019 to 2020. In another study by Fundera it was noted that 88% of consumers will still use a blend of both cash and card payments with the average cash transaction being $22.00. The majority of cash withdrawn by your patrons will be used on site at your tenants. Whether this be a quick lunch, a couple of water bottles, a tip for the hair stylist/nail tech or for gas at the pump (where cash is likely cheaper than card per gallon). Your tenants will benefit from the ability for patrons to have cash available to them. As a landlord/property manager your asset will generate revenue for you as many atm providers will pay a flat rent to be onsite. Alternatively, they may offer a percentage of card transaction revenue from that month. As with all ancillary income programs this is an incredible opportunity to leverage your asset in a low commitment, but value, approach.

How Do I Learn More?

To learn more about these programs please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at EPM. We would be happy to provide a zero-cost analysis of your portfolio and determine if there is a fit for an ATM unit, along with a consultation on which unit works best. We can be reached at or by visiting our website We look forward to helping you leverage these ATM advancements on your property!