Fireworks Tent


The Fireworks Tent Program (FWP) is a one of a kind use that combines the sale of firework products that are sold in large retail outlets right in the parking lot. A great way to create passive revenue while driving traffic to the center. Operating for just 10-15 days within the months of June/July, this seasonal program operates within the shortest window throughout the year to bring value to the bottom line.


Program Benefits

  • Create short term passive revenue (portfolio wide)
  • Program implementation and management at NO EXPENSE!
  • Rent collection, insurance, and maintenance handled by EPM
  • Hardware and production elements are temporary
  • National level brands and advertisers reach customers and create engagement


  • Footprint: 6 Banners Minimum
  • Term: 1 - 3 Months Average
  • Up to 12 months or longer
  • Size: 7' High x 3' Wide (Standard)
  • Property Type: Shopping Center, Mall
  • Other: Content is non competitive, no explicit or undesirable media/imagery