Recycling Bin Program


EPM implements and manages the largest recycling bin program throughout the United States. This program currently generates over $5 million in ancillary revenue across more than 3,000 assets nationwide. EPM negotiates and maximizies rents for all assets within your portfolio. Our expert staff handles insurance, permitting requirements, and any maintanence issues. Our primary goal is to create additional income without incurring any additonal costs.

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Program Benefits


EPM feels it is in the best interest of its clients, vendors, and the public to endorse the ACBO national certification program. ACBO is the official Association of the secondhand clothing and textile collection industry. ACBO offers the only third-party certification, ensuring integrity, trust, and transparency within the industry. ACBO comprehensively vets, certifies, and promotes its certified locations through an international Bin-Locator. To learn more about the ACBO certification program please visit their association website at