Amazon Hub Locker: An Excellent & Innovative Delivery Solution You Would Love to Try

The demand for Amazon’s products and services is not stopping anytime soon, it will only shoot up in the subsequent years. This is because the company always strives for innovation and pushes the limits of technology. One of its unique solutions is Amazon Locker. Using these lockers, fetch your Amazon package securely from designated locker hub locations placed all across the country (located in more than 900 cities). This is useful for customers who are not available to receive packages in their apartments. Many argue that Amazon has reclaimed its title of being the most convenient shopping option after the introduction of Amazon Hub Lockers.

Amazon Lockers

Amazon Lockers are designed as self-service kiosks that look like bright yellow hubs. People from New York, Seattle, or Los Angeles, have probably seen these lockers in convenience stores and pharmacies. These look like traditional lockers, however, there are size limitations for the shipped package. The good news is that you don’t have to be a Prime member to avail these free-to-use lockers. Being self-service lockers, you can access them 24/7. Once the package gets delivered, you have three calendar days to collect it.

Working of Amazon Lockers

Before placing the order, add the location of your nearest Amazon Locker to the shipping address. To do so, go to Accounts > Ordering and Shopping Preference > Your Addresses. There is a dedicated page on the Amazon website wherein you can find information on the nearest Amazon Locker, make sure to check that out.

Once your package gets delivered, you will receive a 6-digit code to access the locker. Input this code on the locker screen, and the door will open for you to take out your package. Should you be unavailable to grab your item within three days, it will be taken back, and a money-refund will be initiated. As we already mentioned, these lockers have size limitations, anything within 16 x 12 x 14 inches and weighing less than 10 pounds qualifies for a locker package. This basically means you cannot use them for large items.


These lockers are popular options for people who live in buildings with small mailboxes. They can also be used for places having no doorman. Amazon Lockers are highly secure, which is one of their highlighting features/benefits. In addition, customers also enjoy the convenience and reliability of such an innovative delivery setup.

These lockers allow you to return items. To avoid going to a shipping store or post office to return the product, you can opt for a locker to initiate the return. You need to print a label and neatly package the returning item, and then deposit it in the locker using a code.

Amazon Lockers Hubs are free to use in the US; you won’t find any lines nor do you need to wait to access them. The Amazon Hub customer service is top notch, and you get 24/7 assistance to get answers to all your queries.

Bottom Line

With online shopping becoming such a prominent activity in our daily life, efficient delivery is appreciated by customers, and Amazon is winning hearts with its Locker Hub implementation. Brick and mortar stores can become more profitable by becoming a part of the Amazon Hub program, thanks to increased traffic inside the store. EPM can assist you in identifying host locations for the Hub program all across the country. To learn more, give us a call at 631-406-0009.