Why The ATM Program Is For Good Property Management

Many developers who purchase real estate may not realize all the different avenues in which they can generate income from their new asset. A strong partner can help an individual, or large developer, understand all possible opportunities on the market. One such opportunity is implementing an ATM program on the property! Here is a piece on why this can be extremely beneficial.

How to get started?

A good consultant has a solution for all types of properties when it comes to implementing ATMs. The ATM program is a comprehensive property management program designed to make your patron’s lives easier. Our analytics, tools, experience and partnerships could help evaluate the best unit for a location along with understanding the best placement for the unit. This includes indoor/outdoor settings, shopping center location placement and assisting with information on special equipment handling. Our team will help lay the foundation for getting this program in place during an introductory meeting.

Benefits Of ATM Program:

  • Long-term revenue stream –

    You may use this program to create a long-term source of income for your property management business. The ATM program is a terrific approach to developing long-term cash flows and boosting your property’s net operating income. Many ATM providers will provide fees to the landlord based on transaction data which could accumulate to be large sums of capital overtime.

  • Benefit To Your Patrons –

    The patrons to your property will be extremely thankful that a service such as an ATM machine is provided. Some stores (your tenants!) still prefer cash for smaller transactions (a bottle of soda, bubble gum, lotto tickets, etc). Having an opportunity for your patrons to withdraw cash from an advanced machine with reliable service is an absolute must for your property.

  • Program Implementation and Management At No Expense –

    The ATM program is a true “set it and forget it” program. With a focus on providing a service to your customers, cashflow to your business and taking a very small footprint on your property. Our team will charge a single dollar for consultation on this program- all we ask is for a little bit of your time to make this implementation happen!

Closing thoughts

The ATM program is an absolute must for all indoor shopping malls and shopping centers. Your patrons will be thankful for the service and your net-operating income will be benefited from the service. With the rapid development of these machines new services such as crypto currency, bill payment and check cashing are starting to become available on these complex machines. Reach out on our contact page to learn more today!