AR Marketing Program


A new world is coming – one where ads pop off buildings and displays and into the virtual world.  These advertisements are going to be everywhere, and you need to be prepared. Brands want to use this new medium and you have the opportunity to profit.  Your real estate can host virtual ads from major brands that match your criteria.     

Allow us to market your property to major advertisers today, and start profiting from this new, rapidly growing space.

It’s free to join and you keep 80% of the revenue we generate for your property.  You retain full approval rights. 

augmented reality


  • Footprint: The team will work with you to determine locations to make available.
  • Property Type: Shopping Centers, Shopping Malls, Vacant lots, Office Buildings
  • Nothing else is required. Nothing to install, it all happens within mobile phones!
  • We can begin marketing your property today.

Program Benefits

  • Host exciting, engaging, and very shareable interactive brand engagements
  • Create revenue without any expense, on ‘new and unmonetized spaces’
  • Everything is handled by EPM and partner The Layer Group
  • Advertising is placed on, and viewed on popular social networks like Snapchat, but viewed in place at your location, driving excited young consumers who then share the experience.
  • You simply review and approve advertising and collect the revenue.
  • Absolutely free to join, and you receive 80% of the revenue generated.